Expansion Joint Systems and Sealants for British Columbia

Are you looking for Expansion Joints in Vancouver, BC?

Retro Specialty Contractors have become a go-to resource in resolving the issues around Expansion/Contraction in building components, together with Waterproofing and Firestopping these joints. We have employed many different types of high-performance joint systems in structures large and small, designed by Engineers to satisfy the requirement for buildings to move naturally during thermal, structural, and seismic conditions, preserving the waterproofing and other abilities.

Expansion joints  are placed in mid-points within the structure, and are designed to reduce the amount of physical stress caused by:

Seismic Movement

How we install Expansion Joint Systems in Vancouver

Take a look at some of the past Expansion Joint System projects completed by Retro Specialty Contractors.

Projects for Expansion Joint Systems in Vancouver

Take a look at some of the past projects completed by Retro Specialty Contractors. You will see a wide variety in the scale and scope of each project, so if you are considering a Expansion or Structural Joint System Project within British Columbia, we can help.

PARQ Resort & Casino, Vancouver, BC

Library Plaza Parkade, Kelowna, BC

Guildford Town Centre, Surrey, BC

Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Airport, YVR A/B Connector, Richmond, BC

Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC

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